Walking and cycling with GPS

About this site.

On this site, I show the walking and cycling tours I have made. This is meant to help me remember where I have been but I'm happy to share this.


With my Garmin GPS or my smartphone I can record a track. This track is saved in a GPX-file.

In this file, the coordinates of places we come by, are registered. You can find more information on Wikipedia. In order to show a track on a map, you need a routine that will connect the dots (the coordinates) and project it on a map.

I had found something like this in a Drupal module and so I created a Drupal site in 2016-2017. This site is no longer on-line. Drupal is not a simple CMS and quite an overkill for my needs.

A long search for alternatives lead to GPXViewer by.Jürgen Berkemeier. These scripts allow me to show a track on a map and an elevation profile. My GPS doesn't hav an accurate altimeter, so elevation profiles are not very reliable. So in order to create the webpages on which the maps are shown, I had to learn HTML. I acquired a basic knowledge and this is my first experiment.


My searches about Drupal modules lead me to Leaflet. This is an elaborate javascript library that offers all you need to work with maps. For me this is far to complicated so I started looking for applications that use the Leaflet libraries to do what I want to do.

Clustering markers on Leaflet maps.

At Andy Maloney's site I have found an application that can show coordinates on a map. I use this application to show the first set of coordinates in each GPX file on a map. When there are many points to be shown in the same area, this is rather messy. Andy has a clustering plug-in that solves this problem. I'm using this plug-in too.