English version

Test version on line. 23 januari 2019

Basic translation is ready.There are a few problems that cause the site to switch back to Dutch. I'm working on it.

When I find a solution, I'll start the translation to French.

The site is running

First months on line. 14 januari 2019

The site has been on-line for a few months.

There are more the 125 tracks available. Translation to French and English is posponed. There is still a lot to do to make a decent search function.


Test version is on-line. 23 mei 2018

Een first version, Dutch only, goes on-line.

There are about 60 tracks on line. More tracks to folow. Translation to English and French are in the pipeline

First steps

The development of this site 24 april2018

This site is build with components I have found on the web. This 'News' is based on a blog-template from W3schools.com.

The magic that shows a track on the map comes from Jürgen Berkemeier

I have found the map with icons for every track on Andy Maloney's site

De html- en CSScode I have written myself. After all, I had to do something myself :-)

Paul Theunis

Retired accountant.

After a carreer behind computer screens it's time for a change. We like a trip in the weekend. Walking or cycling. But I still think computers are fascinating.

This project is mainly for my entertainment but I hope it may help someone to find a pleasant trip.